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East Peoria Campus • L211 • (309) 694-5600

Peoria Campus • Arbor Hall

Steps to enrolling at ICC

  1. Fill out an admission form, available online at How to Apply - Admissions (

  2. Send all high school and college/university transcripts and ACT/SAT scores. All transcripts and test scores need to be official copies sent directly to ICC from the institution.

  3. Take the academic placement tests. You can schedule a testing appointment online Note: If you have completed appropriate college-level coursework and/or taken the ACT/SAT exam, you may not need to take a placement test. See Prerequisite Requirements for Illinois Articulation Agreement (IAI) General Education Course for details. Contact the Admissions Office at (309) 694-5200 or if you have questions. Visit the Testing page for more information.

  4. Apply for Financial Assistance. File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online ( and use ICC’s school code #006753. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office at (309) 694-5200 or Visit the Financial Assistance page for more information.

  5. Apply for an ICC scholarship. Fill out an online application between October 1 and March 31 for the upcoming fall semester. The application can be found at Visit the Scholarship and Special Academic Services page for more information.

  6. Make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor’s name and contact information is listed within your welcome email and letter that you received upon completing your admission form as well as in your MyICC account. The general advising department (for undecided programs of study) can be reached at (309) 694‑5281. Visit the Academic Advising and Special Groups page for more information.

  7. Enroll in classes you have selected with your academic advisor. You can enroll online through your MyICC account or at an Enrollment Services office on any campus.

  8. Manage your investment with a payment plan. ICC payment plans are set up through your MyICC account at The plans allow you to make smaller payments for your tuition, fees, and housing costs over the course of the semester. Payment plan availability and eligibility are based on the date you enroll in classes. There is not a fee to set up a payment plan but the student must have a minimum of $150 in eligible charges. You can also make payments in person by cash, check or credit card. ICC does not send paper bills to students through the mail. You will be notified through your ICC student email anytime there is a change in your account. Visit the Tuition page for more information.

  9. Attend New Student Orientation. To reserve a seat on your date of choice, go to or call (309) 694-5560.

All enrollment materials should be sent to: Illinois Central College Enrollment Services, L211 • 1 College Drive • East Peoria, IL 61635-0001

Enrolling in Classes

Course Schedules are online at MyICC.

The class schedule lists day, time, and location of classes, and dates and times for registration. The Summer/Fall class schedule is generally available the preceding March, and the Spring class schedule is available the preceding October.

Before enrolling for classes, STUDENTS are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to plan a specific course schedule meeting Illinois Central College requirements, personal needs, and, if appropriate, four-year institution transfer requirements. The required approval will be obtained from the advisor at this time. PART-TIME STUDENTS are especially encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to receive full benefit of their continuing education. ALL OUTSTANDING FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS MUST BE PAID BEFORE ENROLLING.  

Student Status

Full-Time Student

Students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours are classified as full-time. These students are entitled to and encouraged to use all the academic support systems and College facilities available. Students enrolled in six or more credit hours during the summer session are classified as full-time for academic purposes but part-time for financial aid purposes.

Part-Time Student

Students enrolled for 11 or fewer credit hours are classified as part-time. These students are entitled to and encouraged to use all the academic support systems and College facilities available to full-time students. Students enrolled for five or fewer credit hours during a summer session are classified as part-time.

Maximum Load

The recommended maximum load for a student during an academic semester is 16 credit hours, unless the program of study requires a number of hours in excess of 16. The recommended maximum load for summer is 9 credit hours. Prior to enrolling for 18 credit hours or more during a semester (or for more than nine credit hours during the regular summer session) permission MUST be obtained from the dean in the student’s curriculum area. Students with less than a “B” (3.0) grade average are discouraged from attempting 18 credit hours or more. Students on academic caution, academic pre-suspension, or re-admitted suspended students, and students in certain programs may be limited to a lesser number of hours.  

Withdrawal from Classes

When necessary to withdraw from a class or classes, you may do so at any time until 75% of the class has elapsed.

Withdrawing from class(es) should be completed online via your MyICC account. If you experience problems when trying to withdraw online, you must contact the ICC Help Desk within 24 hours of your attempt so that we may research the problem. Call the ICC Help Desk at (309) 694-5457 or email for assistance. If you do not make this contact, your situation will be handled in accordance with the current ICC enrollment policies.

Students may withdraw from a class until the withdrawal date listed on their class schedule. All students are financially responsible for tuition and fees for classes that they enroll into during a semester.  However, if the withdrawal occurs on or before the refund date listed on the class schedule, the student may be entitled to a refund of tuition.

Students who are given a failing grade on an assignment for Academic Misconduct will not be allowed to withdraw from that course without instructor permission. Students who are given a failing grade in the course for Academic Misconduct will not be allowed to withdraw from the course. Illinois Central College reserves the right to reinstate any individuals who are withdrawn in these situations.

Withdrawal for Non-Activity

Students who are identified as a no longer participating in class by their instructor will be withdrawn from the class at midterm. Students recorded for non-activity will be notified by email that they have been administratively withdrawn from the class without refund of tuition. Instructors have individual and often varying policies regarding non-activity withdrawals. Do not assume you will be withdrawn if you never attend or stop participating in a class.

If space is available, and if approval from department and instructor are obtained, then students may re-enroll in a class from which they have been withdrawn.

Not participating or attending without an official withdrawal constitutes a failing or unsatisfactory grade.

Students are financially responsible for tuition and fees for all classes not officially dropped by the appropriate refund date.

Late Withdrawals

Withdrawals after the end date listed in the class schedule will be considered late. For more information on the process see “Request for Late Withdrawal Grades,” in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Student Handbook.

Cancellation of Classes

The College reserves the right to cancel class sections due to insufficient enrollment. Students registered in canceled classes should arrange to enroll in another class or receive a refund.