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ICC has an open-door admission policy.

General Admission

Individuals seeking admission to the College are required to submit an admission form online at

Individuals eligible for admission to the College include:

  • Graduates from a state-recognized high school or individuals with a GED (High School Equivalency) certificate.

  • Individuals 18 years of age or older and no longer enrolled in high school.

  • Transfer students from other colleges and universities who meet one of the above criteria.

  • Individuals younger than 18 years of age who have quit attending high school. These students will be evaluated by using an assessment program to determine their appropriate English, reading, and math placement levels.

  • High school students age 16 and older or who are juniors or seniors who have the authorization to participate in college courses and programs. (Early College admission and enrollment is handled through a student’s respective high school. For more information, please see the high school counselor.)

Admission to the College does not guarantee entrance or enrollment into a particular course or program of study. The College reserves the right to establish selective admission procedures and give preference to residents of Community College District 514.  Refer to the section titled Programs with Special Requirements below for specific information, or students seeking an F-1 student visa should refer to the section titled International Student Visa (F-1) on the Academic Advising page.

Degree-Specific Admission Requirements

Illinois Central College maintains an open-door, open-access policy concerning general admission to the College. Although selected programs have established, and maintained, specific admission requirements, applicants will be admitted to the College’s general programs. Placement tests, high school transcripts, and academic advisement are used to determine the appropriate courses students should enroll.

Transfer Degrees: Associate in Arts • Associate in Science • Associate in Engineering Science

All new applicants who intend to enroll in the Associate in Arts (AA) degree program, Associate in Science (AS) degree program, or in the Associate in Engineering Science (AES) degree program (the usual course of study for baccalaureate/transfer students planning to seek a bachelor degree) must submit an application.  High school transcripts, SAT/ACT, GED, AP, IB and/or Accuplacer scores will be used to determine college-level placement for English and math.

As a result of minimum standards established by the Illinois Board of Higher Education and Public Act 86-0954, it is recommended that applicants for the Associate in Arts (AA) degree or Associate in Science (AS) degree successfully complete at least 15 units of high school coursework from the following categories:

  • 4 years of English, emphasizing written and oral communication and literature

  • 3 years of college preparatory mathematics, including introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, or fundamentals of computer programming

  • 2 years of social science

  • 2 years of laboratory science

  • 2 years of one foreign language, fine arts (art, music, theatre, or dance), or vocational education

  • 2 years of elective coursework, including coursework in any of the categories above (excluding English)

These course-specific requirements are minimums. Some high school students should include coursework beyond the minimum in fields they may be considering for advanced study in a college or university. For example, students who think they want to pursue a degree in science or mathematics should take additional courses in mathematics and lab science in high school.

For applicants who do not meet one or more of the course-specific requirements above, ACT minimum sub-scores were established to determine whether high school equivalent knowledge and skills have been acquired: 20 for English, 20 for math, 20 for science, and 20 for social studies (on the reading sub-scores).

Students with a deficiency in one of the high-school-course areas may also satisfy the requirement by passing a college-level course in this area with a grade of C or higher, or by passing one of the following Illinois Central College courses:

  • English requirement: ENGL 095 or ENGL 099

  • Math requirement: MATH 098

  • Science requirement: CHEM 094

Career Programs: Associate in Applied Science Degree • Occupational Certificate

Requirements for admission to programs vary. For information on the requirements, see the specific program of study on the Academic Programs by Cluster in this Catalog or consult with the department dean.

General Degree: Associate in General Studies Degree

An applicant admissible to the College is admissible to this program.

Community Education:

Students enrolled only in non-credit courses are assigned to this curriculum.

Programs with Special Requirements

Some programs at ICC use special admissions processes.  They may require students to have completed certain coursework or meet certain conditions before entering the program.  Students who wish to enter the following areas of study must meet with an advisor in that area to assure all requirements for admission have been met.

All Health Careers programs

Diesel Powered Equipment Technology (DPET) Program

  • Application deadline is December 1 to be considered for the following fall semester. Applications received after December 1 will be considered if openings occur prior to the start of the fall semester. Call (309) 694‑5582 or (309) 694‑5616 to request a DPET packet.

  • Take the Mechanical Reasoning and other select placement tests. (Required tests may vary depending on the student’s previous coursework and test scores; consult with a program advisor prior to testing.)

  • Meet with a DPET Advisor.

  • Submit all required documentation by deadline for consideration.

Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology Program

  • The application deadline for consideration is February 1. All applicants to the program after the deadline will be considered for the next academic year.

  • To be considered, each candidate must: 

  • Complete and return the application materials you’ll receive in the mail and send ICC an official copy of your high school transcript.

  • Send items to: Illinois Central College, ATTN: CAT Dealer Service Technology, 1 College Drive, TT 101, East Peoria, IL 61635‑0001

  • Schedule a “Big Look” informational tour of the Caterpillar program and take the ACCUPLACER Placement Test and the Mechanical Reasoning Test. We will schedule the test and tour on the same day.  Call (309) 694‑5716.

  • Be accepted for sponsorship by a supporting Caterpillar dealership.

General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (GM ASEP)

  • Application deadline is April 1 to be considered for the following fall semester. Applications received after April 1 will be considered if openings occur prior to the start of the fall semester. Call (309) 694‑5583 or (309) 694‑5616 to request a GM ASEP packet.

  • Take the Mechanical Reasoning and other select placement tests. (Required tests may vary depending on the student’s previous coursework and test scores, consult with a program advisor prior to testing.)

  • Have a clean driving record.

  • Meet with a GM ASEP Advisor. The Advisor will assist in scheduling an interview with a sponsoring GM Dealership or ACDelco Professional Service Center.

Paralegal – Certificate Program

  • A bachelor degree (4 years/undergraduate) or associate degree from an accredited college or university is required for admission to the program.

  • Students must submit an application for admission to Illinois Central College and must submit an official transcript from the college or university granting the degree to ICC Enrollment Services, L211.

  • Students must submit a separate application for the Paralegal Certificate Program to the Program Coordinator and have an interview with the Program Coordinator before gaining admission to the program.  The form is available from the Program Coordinator at ICC Peoria, Poplar Hall 117, by calling (309) 690‑7691.  At least 30 percent of the total program of study must be completed at Illinois Central College.

  • Students must take at least 10 credit hours or the equivalent of legal specialty course through the “in person” format. PRLGL 113, 116, and 260 must be taken at ICC to graduate from the program. 

  • Students must attain a grade of “C” or higher in each PRLGL course (included equated PRLGL transfer courses). 

GED Admission

Adult Education Office • (309) 694-5240

Admission for the GED program is handled through the Adult Education Office. For further information regarding placement testing, start dates, and registration, please call (309) 694‑5240.